MMS Webtop Help

There are two kinds of users who can view the messages namely

1. Registered Users

2. Unregistered Users

Registered Users
Registered users are the users who have provisioned with MMSC. Registered users are provided with the facility to avail the Webtop interface features by logging into the system by entering the mobile number and password.
Using MMS-WEBTOP interface users can manage the MMs. This web interface is accessed using given URL of MMSC service server. This web interface is in HTML form. To view and compose the MM a web-interface is used, which simulates the mobile phone.

Un-Registered Users
Un-Registered users are the users who aren't registered with MMSC. These users can receive MMS arrival notification through mail or SMS message. They can view the MM message using Webtop. MM notification contains a message key. Users can view the received MM message by entering corresponding message key and recipients mobile number.

The Functionalities available for Un-registered users are as follows:
1. Receive MM: Receive MM arrival notification from anywhere as SMS / E-Mail channels. When MMSC receives an MM for an unregistered user, it will store the MM in a configured (temporary) location and sends the notification to the receiver's mobile (as SMS) or as an E-Mail.
2. View MM: User can view the received MM by entering the received Key in MMS-Webtop, by browsing the given URL. The MM is displayed in a web-interface that simulates the mobile phone.


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